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4 Things Every Man Should Know About Dealing With His Pregnant Wife

June 29, 2011

Posted by mbielanko on June 25th, 2011 at 9:00 am

jibby7 240x300 4 Things Every Man Should Know About Dealing With His Pregnant WifeHusbands of pregnant wives – this is your bible!

I stumbled onto a great, little blog called Almost A Dad. It’s written by a dad named Bill. He writes a lot about pregnancy from a husband’s perspective and he just makes me laugh.  Reminds me a lot of former Being Pregnant writer, John Cave Osborne, who you can still enjoy over here on his personal blog.

Bill wrote a list that made me giggle so I thought I’d repost it in it’s entirety over here because my adding my two cents will just taint it with femaleness.  This one’s for the fellas.

Although, ladies, please, feel free to add your tips at the bottom as well. And, of course, forward it to all of the men in your life who are dealing with pregnant women.

Send them a link to Bill’s blog, too.  I think they’ll glean some valuable info and get a good laugh as well.

Bill had a bit of a disagreement with his pregnant wife over a back rub and a candy bar.  He learned four valuable lessons that I feel every man currently dealing with a pregnant woman would do well to remember.  I think number three is particularly important.


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